Galaxy Plaza

If you have been looking for an investment property or an ultra modern hub at the center of Noida extention, then Galaxy Plaza will be your right choice. This commercial development is considered to be a fully self sufficient and environmental friendly development that ensures higher connectivity to most of the important areas all around the city of Noida. This commercial development is spread across 2200sq.meter and has contemporary and elegantly designed fa├žade. This Galaxy Plaza Commercial hub of choice is ideal for lease, rental, sale and even best suited for corporate companies, banks ATMs, medical company, spa, saloon, hotel, banquet, disco and pub, gym, insurance company and so forth. Emphasizing the importance of every modern aspect of commercial requirement, this commercial property is incorporated with a wide range of traditional and modern approaches.


The Specifications of Galaxy Plaza will definitely cater to the various needs of your business and even enable you to become a pioneer in terms of expertise in corporate onus because of its perfectly designed work zone, hugely energized environment, strategic location and the finest obtainable amenities. Galaxy Plaza Shops are designed and intended to facilitate convenient mode of shopping for children, ladies and senior citizens. So, not only the individuals who own this commercial property will get benefitted out of it but even their end customers enjoy surplus comfort at times of shopping.

Floor details:

According to Floor Plans of Galaxy Plaza, in total, this commercial property has 6 floors in which the lower three floors are confined for small shops, milk booth, banquet hall, etc. the upper three floors are dedicated to hotel rooms, entertainment areas, food zone, disco, health zone and many more. Before you decide to purchase any of the unit from this commercial property, it is worth looking at the Site Plan and price list. This gives you an idea of what to purchase and what to alleviate from your list.